Posted: August 22, 2015 5:18pm

This is a guest post by Caitlin Liebenberg, she will be testing some of the latest apps for us and here are the results of her trials with Noom!

I’ve recently felt happier, healthier and more energetic than I have in months. I’ve lost weight too. And a lot of that is down to a little lifestyle app- Noom Coach.

After many months of travel, living in hostels and on a rather tight budget, I was feeling less than myself. I had low energy, had put on weight and constantly felt uncomfortable. It’s not a feeling that anyone enjoys, feeling unhappy with your body or uncomfortable in your own skin. I’d also developed some terrible eating patterns over time, and started actually craving vegetables because I needed the vitamins. It was then I decided, “Enough is Enough”.

Tackling your weight/health is always tricky, as it can become too easy to focus on a size or number on the scale. Along with that comes cost and time- sometimes we just can’t invest in a nutritionist or personal trainer due to other commitments. Most of all, it’s difficult to maintain- no matter how strong your will, breaking unhealthy habits and building better ones is a strain.

That’s why I decided to try NOOM Coach.

What is it?

Well, Noom Coach is an app (available for both Android/iOs). It intends to help you reach your goals in a healthy way, while supporting you and assisting you in making educated, healthy choices. I researched many different apps, and combined with it’s reviews and it’s low cost (only £6.01 pm for a subscription not to mention the free version without groups) it was my first choice.

What does it do?

Noom helps you be healthier by encouraging mindfulness and personalisation. By determining your BMI, ideal weight and time-frame for the change, the Coach sets a daily amount of calories to consume- while also taken into consideration your personal lifestyle choices and preferences. But that’s not where it ends. Noom can be separated into 4 catergories; diet, exercise, education and community.

1. Diet: working with a meal tracker (where you log your meals/ingredients of each), Noom separates all food/drinks into three sections. ‘Green’ foods should make up most of your intake, followed by a medium amount of ‘Yellow’ and a limited amount of ‘Red’.

– Even though you’re estimating a lot of the time (the Noom food database is excellent however), the act of logging your food combining with consistent visual training (you ‘see’ foods as green, yellow, red) really encourages you to be mindful and conscious of what you are feeding your body with. Whenever someone offers me something really unhealthy, my first thought now is “Where will I log it?”. It also helps to discourage you from ‘ruining’ your previous discipline or hardwork.

2. Exercise: Noom can both monitor exercise as you do it, or you can log exercises you’ve undertaken in the day. With a varied database, Noom estimates the calories burned from each exercise- and adjusts your daily calorie limit to allow for it. You can also schedule exercise, and Noom can display the total amount of calories burned per week on your mobile’s home screen.

– I found that by entering my exercise, it was easier to see where my progress was, and what I could improve on. As with the food tracker, needing to log in the activities really made a difference- I became far more mindful of what I was doing.


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3. Education: Noom Coach offers different reading material and health suggestions everyday. These vary from explaining why fibre is important and why egg whites are healthier than yolks to the psychology behind weight loss and the dangers of friends/family who can take you off course.

– What I love about Noom is that it’s focus is on helping you be better. There’s no better way to improve than by learning, whether it’s how to make a healthier breakfast, when to exercise or how to be kinder to yourself. Reading the Noom tasks everyday has both taught me new things about health and fitness, but has also encouraged me to incorporate those into my own life.

4. Community: When you sign up to Noom Coach Pro, you can ask to be assigned to a group. Within this group are other individuals like yourself, people with similar demographics, daily challenges, weight loss goals- and you’re all there to support and motivate each other.

– My group is lovely; we all comment on each others exercise logs and provide friendly advice on different diet choices. I feel connected to this group of strangers, and being able to feel like I’m sharing my journey with other like-minded people helps me deal with the temptation of reaching fro just another biscuit.


I have really enjoyed Noom Coach, it’s easy and intuitivve to use, it doesn’t demand excess or ridiculous restrictions, and it focuses on your overall health and lifestyle, not just a number on a scale. I’ve lost weight and toned up with Noom’s help, and I believe you can too.

Download Noom for Android or for iOs here.


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