Posted: April 14, 2017 6:14pm

I am trying not to overload you with fads and one trick wonders but I really want you all to buy a great vintage oversized denim shirt.

I’ve had mine for 2 years and is vintage Wrangler.  I bought it in LA in a place called the Dig Rig (worth visiting if in LA).

I LOVE THIS SHIRT, I wear it over my gym kit, bikini and joggers.  It is getting better the more I wear it as the denim gets softer, like a grown up comfort blanket!

The key is to get one which is long enough to cover your lady parts but not too big on the shoulders.

The perfect denim shirt

Oversized denim shirt

oversized denim shirt

Vintage denim shirt
Wrangler Vintage shirt as cover up

ASOS Marketplace is the place to look as there are so many and they tend to be well priced.

Packing focusses the mind on pieces that work in an outfit more than once, and this shirt always comes with me!  I also wear it to dress down a skirt, as shown below.


I have so many of those ruffle/statement shirts which are great in London but they somehow don’t work when you are away and I prefer to dress more simply.

So check out your local vintage shop or ASOS Marketplace and look for Wrangler or Levis or check out Etsy UK.



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