Posted: January 2, 2017 7:44am

It has been so mild this Winter that cardigans have become a feasible option to a coat.  I am in my car a lot and a driving with a heavy coat is just not comfortable.  This week I have been searching for a great belted cardigan that is warm enough to wear out but not scratchy or too heavy.


  1. The best one I have seen is from Raey it is the softest cashmere, it is not belted but I love the weight and the finish, I also love the Joseph version from Stylebop, it is not on sale but I am checking daily. The dream buy would be the green A.F Vandeforst option
  2. The best price and quality is from Madewell, it is now on sale and is a great length and I adore this brand
  3. To finish the outfit I would love a pair of great flats, Vestiare Collective is where I go for my designer shoes, I cannot decide between the leopard print flats or the black Zanotti flats
  4. I will be wearing my cardigan with a tracksuit from Wildfox I found them on sale in ASOS.  I have had mine shortened so they are easier to wear with trainers.  Getting things altered is the best way of getting the fit you need, it is so worth the effort.  Check out one of my older posts to see where I go
  5. A black tote is on my Wish List, when looking for designer bags it is best to look at lesser known brands like the one featured above from Paco Robanne again from Vestiare Collective
belted joseph cardigan
Belted Joseph Cardigan from Stylebop


Wishing you all a great week, to be honest counting down to the children going back to school as nigh on impossible to get any work done.


Anne Marie

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