Posted: October 3, 2020 5:00pm

When I walk Luella to school I am guaranteed to run into at least two people wearing Pangaia!

Normally, I try to steer clear of any bandwagons, but having bought and loved their shorts in the summer, I couldn’t resist buying one of their tracksuits.

It didn’t go back and I was stopped three times myself when I wore it!

It’s the fabric; it is a lovely heavy cotton that looks and feels luxurious and the colours are like Farrow and Ball swatches, glorious taupes and greys, with a few pops of colour.

I went for the grey colour tracksuit which will go with everything. The winter season is heavier and it will definitely keep you warm.  Sizing wise, I went for a small on the bottoms and medium on the hoodie.  I would size down one size for a loose fit or two sizes if you prefer something more fitted.

With life as it is, I will get more wear out of this than anything else I currently wear.  It works during the day but as it looks so expensive, you can also get away with it if you go out to dinner too.

Pangaia are leading the way as they develop their own fabrics and materials and they have their own manufacturing facility.  Whether it is the use of organic cotton, environmentally friendly dyes or recyclable materials, they are leading the way in manufacturing and in how they retail too. They also plant a tree for every item purchased and eventually they want to be able to supply these eco=friendly fabrics to other designers.

The clothes are also a joy to wear so this is a tribe I am happy to join, well done Pangaia – I am excited about what is yet to come…

Don’t forget to check out their padded jackets too, they come in navy and black, have a hood and the sleeves are removeable.

Yes. great that the t-shirts are made of seaweed and the jackets filled with flowers but the bottom line is that they are cut well, carefully manufactured and a joy to wear.

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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order