Posted: February 27, 2015 5:17pm

I have written before about the french hat brand, Maison Michel and on  how I craved one of their pieces, that was until I discovered Penmayne. These hats are handmade in the UK and they are simply beautiful.

When you touch the hat, you can feel the softness and quality of the felt they use and  Claire Howesen, the founder has a real eye for colour and finish.

Some hats take over but the Penmayne pieces add to any outfit in such a subtle manner and they are really comfortable to wear.

With previous hats, I often just took them off before I went out, as I felt a bit silly or they were just not that comfortable to wear, not my new Penmayne hat.

The company are also so easy to deal with and the hats come in the most exquisite hat boxes.







2015-02-25 20.11.00


2015-02-25 20.11.04


2015-02-25 20.11.08


2015-02-25 20.11.16


You can buy the hats online at Penmayne , this is not a sponsored post this is a piece I purchased myself and I really want to share with you all, as I have searched for years for the perfect hat.

I will be wearing mine as styled here with jeans and a simple t-shirt with an oversized knit thrown over . The hats are timeless which is important and are also flattering to all ages.




The high street is full of hats but this piece is an investment, you will never need to buy another one.

I went for this grey colour as I felt it would carry better into Spring . Below are a selection of other fabulous options .










This is as boho as I want to go and I love that  the hat will allow me to embrace the ‘nostalgia’ feel out there without looking too theatrical.

Let me know what you think of hats and love to hear ideas about how to style them.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend now we have all made it to Friday!




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