Posted: January 17, 2018 4:54am

I think I have tried on every ‘going out top’ on the market.

Most of them are either one hit wonders, or, they are just too much like hard work to make an outfit out of them.

I bought the shirt featured below from a vintage fair, but I am seeing this shape popping up more and more and I am advising everyone to give it a go.

This shape works well over jeans, leggings and trousers and is really forgiving.


I am lazy and prefer to wear joggers, but as I am the other side of 40, I need to dress it up.

This blouse is my current favourite piece in my wardrobe.  It is silk and I love the shade of brown as it goes with everything, and the peplum is flattering.  The sleeves balance the entire look.


This is something to buy from a Vintage Store.  There are so many on Etsy and I have added loads more to my Wish List.  Click on the links below!

Next on my list for Spring is a peplum like this one that one of my friends Shanaz is wearing below.


Shanaz in Antonio Berardi
Shanaz in the perfect Peplum Jacket

Check out the list below of my favourites with all the links to shop!


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Hear more about our story Sign up to our newsletter