Posted: July 18, 2017 6:55am

The older I get, the less sophisticated my cover-ups become.  Experience has taught me that in the heat anything that is not cotton just doesn’t work.  I have been in Marbella for a few days now and the lighter the item of clothing the better.

Also getting things over your head or dealing with appliqué or sequins when you have kids is a complete no go.  They complain about them being scratchy and you never get more than a few seconds to deal with the last minute toilet dash.

I have come to the conclusion that a simple shirt is the best option. I have 5 that I wear in rotation and they are all button down in cotton.  I know it is not exciting, but I can tell you that they come on holiday with me every year and they get worn day in day out.

Perfect Beach Shirt

I might wear a dress to the beach or pool but then I have the shirt to throw over my bikini and to go to lunch in.  The lighter the cotton the better.  It is a classic simple look that just works.

I have abandoned all those complicated kaftans and beach jumpsuits.  Sometimes I wear a pair of simple white shorts underneath.  I found a great lightweight pair from H&M.

Beach Shirt

The shirts should be thigh length so you can bend over and sit down without feeling a plastic chair on your derriere.

Where to find them?

MiH the best oversized beach shirt

My best ones are from MiH and I have my eye out for a pale blue one this Summer or the white version is on sale at Farfetch.  You don’t want anything too formal or structured just super soft cotton and I find linen creases too much.  There are so many on sale and size down.

Don’t be tempted by all those Instagram shots of people in gingham and ruffles this looks great on a picture but in reality you wont be comfy and it looks wrong on the beach.  In a lot of cases these Instagram shoots are posed.

Check out ASOS or the one from H&M – it is a great price and will do the job as will the M&S option or Matalan.  I also love this one from JD Williams.  Also I love Rails shirts as they don’t crease and are super soft.  I found a light Summer one on sale at Question Air  for £70.

Hope you are all having a great Summer.


Anne Marie



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