Posted: July 10, 2014 9:13am

My lovely cousin Nicole was wearing a fabulous ring and I hot footed it to Jessimara in Temple Fortune to get my hands on it. The range of summer jewelry is fabulous and I ended coming away with two bracelets and the above mentioned ring. The price point is excellent and the quality is great. I love the way they layer so well and I will be wearing them all summer . While I was there they were unpacking next seasons furs, they have a great parka fully lined in fur and at the moment they have a couple of samples at great prices. The style is very similar to  Yves Salomon but at  a fraction of the price. I have my eye on a  mink coat, I  but hoping that Jessimara can get their hands on it in grey .

Double ring
Jessimara ring

I love these double rings they add a bit of edge to an outfit

Summer bracelet
Great Summer Bling by Jessimara

The quality is fantastic and I will be layering these all summer long

Spike Bracelet
Spike Bracelet by Jessimara

The Spike Bracelet is next on my list, it reminds me of the Cartier one

Yves Salomon parka
Yves Salomon

Pop into Jessimara as they have a few sample fur Parkas, at fantastic prices. They had a beautiful black one lined in brown fox fur and green one lined in rabbit. This fur Key ring would make a great present for someone.

Fur Keyring
Great Fur Keyring

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