Posted: October 23, 2014 9:36am

I just had this amazing jacket by Cedric Charlier delivered by Matches, it is perfect cut and the material is the softest wool and cashmere mix, it is a piece !

I really wanted the cashmere leggings but they will have to wait to the sale !

I have wanted to invest in a plaid shirt for a while and when I stumbled across this one at My Theresa, I knew the search was over.  It is structured and there is no hint of lumber jack!

If you haven’t bought yourself  a pair of trainers New Balance are perfect,I remember seeing the french girls wearing them, they are the perfect non gym trainer and so reasonably priced.

I have been looking for an exotic skin bag, something that goes with everything and different to my usual black or taupe. This one by Fendi is on my Vestaire Wishlist

I know most of you invest in your work wardrobe or your party party but the one you get the most out of is your dress down weekend wardrobe.



dress down winter look



If you like the look , click through to the other options, I particularly, the Topshop peplum jacket is a must have ! We also have a lovely pair of Joseph joggers currently available on Shop our Wardrobe.









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Hear more about our story Sign up to our newsletter