Posted: September 11, 2014 5:13pm

We should all have a pair of comfortable grey jeans in our wardrobe as they are so easy to dress up and there are occasions where blue denim is too casual and black too harsh.

I love Mother jeans as they are simply the most comfortable jeans around, I bought the pair below in Saks and I have already got so much wear out of them. They are really soft but suck you in where needed! My criteria was that the jeans had to be car friendly,  as in not cut into you when you are driving around all day and this pair are akin to  wearing leggings! I love the stiletto length which makes the jeans easier to wear with boots. I love Topshop jeans and for the price they are great quality


The boots are by Vic Matie, not a brand I had heard of before but the shape of their boots is really flattering to the foot. If you cannot face the height then these boots by Kurt Geiger would be a great compromise.

Again another obsession of mine the oversized clutch, I found this one which  fits my computer and the leather is gorgeous and the price is so good, it is by Little Liffner . I am dreaming about their tote which is simple stunning and so well priced, take a look.

I wore these to a school induction evening, where I didn’t want to be overdressed but where blue jeans just wouldn’t have been right.

I am paring the jeans here with a black shirt with a beautiful crossover detail at the back.  Here is another   fabulous shirts by Zara


The bomber jacket is not going away and I love these heavier versions for Winter by & Other Stories









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