Posted: November 27, 2014 7:03am

I went to check out a few high street shops to find, the best party dresses they had to offer.

My first stop was Coast not a shop I had  been into in a while, as it was in my mind  synonymous with Bridesmaids dresses.

I was so impressed by what I found !

What was fabulous, was the extent of the advice available from the well trained staff.

We have been asked to look for dresses for women, who are blessed with  a larger bust and those who fear their hips !

Below are some dresses which really flatter .



Coast dresses new


The first one is the Jessica lace dress, this its perfect for ladies with a larger chest as it focuses on the shoulders a great trick I picked up at Coast.

Another great dress is the Lori Lee short dress, perfect for shorter ladies and also fits wonderfully  on larger chests too.

The red Contour dress is a fabulous  dress, a great match for  those blessed  with a small waist also the perfect festive hue.

This Black and white Erina Maxi  is a showstopper, it is one of my favourites, it masks  wider hips as the skirt is high waisted and draws attention to your waist.

Please let us know if you do try any of the dresses and also we would love to hear some feedback on what you think!

Also there is 30% off Coast at the moment.


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