Posted: September 4, 2014 8:38am

It is that time of year, the children are excited about their new back to school pencil case or bag but what about us, we deserve something new to ease the return to the school run drudgery!

Having made so many mistakes in buying bags, I was determined to get it right this time so no impulse buys, my typical down fall.

I knew I wanted a bag I could carry over my shoulder, that was big enough to carry my computer and other paraphernalia and it had to be black.

While in America I came across Lumilla Mingus and fell in love with her bags. I ordered the large black tote and it is the perfect bag! It didn’t want a label just a well crafted bag.

Knitwear is everywhere and Zara is doing some of the best, the joggers are from Zara, shirt from R13     and I love these Chanel espadrilles. Sorry about the lack of head shots today couldn’t inflict that on you as no sleep was had in our household last night due to dreadful jet lag. If you have any tips on getting over it please pass them on.







The leather is beautiful, sturdy and the internal pockets and the size are perfect. I didn’t want to rave about it until I had road tested it properly! So after a cross county trip from LA to Las Vegas, a ten hour flight to London and even a day running around panic shopping with a five and six year old for school uniforms, it still comes out on top.






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