Posted: September 6, 2017 11:09am

When you are on holiday a tan looks fantastic, but the minute you come back and look in the mirror (the light is harsher) and you see the downside of your hours of tanning.  Despite having used nothing but factor 90 my skin looks flaky, dry and thinner, not to mention the extra lines around my eyes and the droopy jaw line. Now that the kids are finally back at school and I get a minute it is time to get radical.

At home:

  1. Use Agera to remove the build up of dead skin
  2. I start my morning routine with Vitamin C then wait and add oil as my skin is so thirsty (I love the Sarah Chapman Morning Facial).  During the day, top up with Hyaluronic acid cream as it adds moisture back in.  If I go out I always re-apply my make up and use Filorga Hydra Filler as it adds a blast of moisture to my skin
  3. I use NeosStrata Skin Active Firming Collagen Booster in the evenings.  Now that I am back home (and  out of the sun) I am using Retinol as it is the only product that makes a real difference to the lines.  As my skin is such a dehydrated mess I love Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil (it is expensive but lasts and lasts) and I massage with the Sarah Chapman roller

HOWEVER…THIS IS STILL NOT ENOUGH – it helps but won’t really improve my lines, sagging or pigmentation.

I have spoken before about skin needling.  I use COMCIT twice a year and have 3 to 4 sessions each time.  Have a read, if you haven’t already, on how it works.  If you cannot face COMCIT then try Dermapen, it is a lot less painful!  Check out the interview below with dermatologist, Justine Kluk, who is an expert.

The Swiss Clinic does the best at home rollers, however, I think it’s best to have a couple of professional sessions first, then use your own roller at home to maintain.


Once a quarter, do a few LED light sessions, they plump up the skin, and in my case, they even out my skin and kill off any bacteria.

What I really want to do is Radio Frequency to tighten the skin but it is hugely expensive, so I will have to save up for it!  Check out my interview with Justine Kluk on treatments to do now…


For me, it is all about working with my own skin, and doing everything I can to get it to keep producing collagen (rather than injecting fillers), and to help the muscles of my face stay strong.

I don’t run around town writing about whatever products I am given by a PR company for free, I am loyal to products that work and I pay my own way!  All the products and treatments featured I have paid for myself.

My advice is to head to a dermatologist initially before going to a clinic and work out a treatment plan as you need to really understand what your skin needs.

I am happy to recommend Dr Lynetee Yong or Dr Justine Kluk, they are no-nonsense and don’t upsell and I am not paid or sponsored by either.




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