Posted: September 24, 2014 6:52am

After I had my two children, I was obsessed for a while about having a third but my clever husband knows me better than I know myself and held firm!  But somehow our family didn’t seem complete, that is until Romeo came along.

I never had a dog as a child, I loved the idea of a puppy but the reality scared me a bit. I had just got my freedom back and really didn’t want to be tied down.

After long consideration we  decided on a Cavachon as a breed, as we wanted a dog we could take for a proper walk but that was still small and quiet enough to take on the school run. This breed of dog  are in the main non shedding a great plus for me. They have a lovely gentle temprement and are perfect to have around children .




Here are a few numbers which may be useful if you do take the plunge.

Wentwood Puppies, the brilliant breeder we used cannot recommend them highly enough

Barbara helped us through the early stages with her calm advice and she runs great puppy classes ,07831165876

If you are in London, Amy is the best dog walker you can ever ask for call her on 07800545492

When we go on holidays we send Romeo to Eve, she looks after the dogs like they are her own,

Zuzzana has her own mobile grooming company, she comes to your home to groom your dog, Romeo loves her 07523373114

For gorgeous dog baskets and sccessories try the Stylish Dog Company and Mungo and Maud

For home made dog snacks try Ru’s Biscuits












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