Posted: May 20, 2017 10:16am

I have featured Aloe London before as Claire lives locally to me.   I still use everything that I have bought from her, and best of all, her price point is affordable.

People say to me that I wouldn’t wear silk pyjamas as they are too delicate.  I don’t wear them on a day to day basis but when I am in a hotel, staying with friends, on holiday they will be coming with me. You will have these for ever as they are a classic shape and fabric.

Claire knows silk and she cuts and designs so well.  They are the best pair I have ever tried on.  I went for the black as, to be honest, I use fake tan and didn’t want to risk any marks or stains.  It is all about understated and comfortable clothes that you will want to wear.


Aloe best silk pjs

Aloe London silk pgyamas

Check out the sleeve detailing and the lustre of the silk.  You can wear the pieces individually as they are so beautifully made or just wear them as pyjamas!  I adore the cuff detail which makes them suitable to wear outside the bedroom.

Aloe London


I went for a medium as I wanted a slightly oversized fit, so I would say the brand is true to size.

Silk Pgyamas

Aloe London

A tweed jacket is a great way to dress down silk and this one is an eBay find .

Aloe London is a local brand that I am delighted to support.  Check out their website as they stock so many glorious silk separates.

Aloe London Robe ( Old Season)
Aloe London Camisole
Aloe London Camisole

These pyjamas are online for £225, they come in white too and you can hand wash them.   I have been avidly watching Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies and she buys from Aloe London, so if it is good enough for Nicole it is good enough for me!!

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