Posted: May 18, 2020 10:41am

Even before the lock down, the number of brands that I bought for full price had diminished.  At this point, there are only a very few brands that i would pay full price for, one of these is RAEY.

Now, I am not saying that you should necessarily go out and buy this particular brand.  It’s still niche but having a go to brand is my message.  This principle stopped me going rogue and buying random pieces which pop up on Instagram.

When I am tempted to splurge, I remind myself that I am better to hold off and save up for another piece from this brand, which I know I will wear and wear.

The key to a favourite brand is that you really look forward to wearing it and it lasts over 3 years in your wardrobe.  I have made mistakes with the brand, the sizing is bonkers, I have to size down to a 6 UK on top and 8 UK on bottom.

Raey seldom goes on sale and there are hardly any pieces on the re-sale market.  This is always a good sign as it demonstrates that their customers are more likely to hold onto their items,

Their prices are steep but these are items that I wear everyday, however, the cut and fabrics are good enough that I also wear them out in the evening.  They are not just one hit wonders.

The brand is all about modern classics.  I don’t lust over a Chanel jacket, I would get more wear and joy out of a Raey cashmere hooded top.

The colour palette is neutral which means they don’t date and it’s easy to combine with other items in your wardrobe.

Yes, the sizing is crazy oversized but once you figure our your size, the ability to layer, feel comfortable and run around to get things done makes it worth every penny.

If you are thinking about a piece then hold out for a sweatshirt and size down three sizes (yes, 3!!).  These are the sweatshirts you buy and end up wanting to wear every day and make all the others in your wardrobe feel totally inferior.

The joy is that everyone’s go to brand will be different based on your lifestyle, body shape and personality.

I would love to know which brands you truly and utter love, email me on as I would love to know


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