Posted: November 4, 2019 8:46am

Spending time on Instagram drives me crazy.

I see so many pieces which are just featured for the sake of sharing something new! Think outfits and what you will REALLY WEAR not what you think you will wear.

Below are some of the pieces I have spotted on my travels that I can personally vouch for.


Lets start with jeans.  I get asked about jeans so much; if you want a fabulous pair of jeans but don’t want to spend a fortune then check out J. Crew.  My favourites are from the Point Sur Shoreditch (they are true to size) collaboration.  They come in loads of colours and I adore the high waist, the straight leg and the length. The link is here. 

The internet is littered with sweaters, most are so itchy, however, the Tippi, again from J. Crew is soft and a lovely flattering fit.  Personally, I am usually in t-shirts and I favour The Cotton Story and Ninety Percent. 

A brand that is simple yet makes practical, comfortable and wearable clothing is Everlane, they are definitely worth checking out, particularly the blazers and padded jackets.  The best budget options are from H&M.

I have been using my cloud pouch bag constantly and at £52 it is such a bargain.  I also love Green Thomas Accessories – their statement scarves are so beautifully made and are affordable.

I haven’t managed to get my hands on them yet but I’m stalking the brand to get a pair of the water proof trainers – check out the Allbirds Mizzles

Thank you to my fabulous nephew Sammy for helping me with the graphics!




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