Posted: November 22, 2014 11:00am

I love food but am such a  bad cook!

In summer it doesn’t bother me but in Winter I crave healthy,  warm home cooked food.

On a day like today in London, when it is grey and the rain is coming down in sheets, taking the time to make a healthy family meal,  seems the right way to spend a Saturday.

We have been looking to feature a simple recipe of the week , the remit is that it must be easy enough for me to follow and when Laura submitted this we were all excited to give it a try!





Click here for the recipe Lentil hotpot  




We are very excited having Laura contribute please check out her Facebook site.

She is a fabulous baker and comes up with the  amazing healthy but tasty recipes.

This is a little background on Laura, she is so talented and we are very lucky to have her contribute to our blog.

“I have an unrelenting passion for good food, and a great desire to show  people how to cook well with simplicity & flare. I believe food heals, brings all walks of life together; to my mind it is the best way to understand a culture and an individual. I don’t believe I ever stop learning about or being inspired by food. I have studied professional chefs and home cooks alike, take my lessons & influences from both and hopefully create a happy medium. I believe good food is about working with what you have, it doesn’t need to be complicated just thoughtful. I am a single parent of two boys Charlie 10 & Jonah 8. Jonah has severe allergies to dairy, soya and gluten. I did not want him to feel compromised or for him to have to give up treats altogether, so I have devoted myself to making healthier not equal restricted. I have been catering and baking cakes for family and friends for the last 10years, whilst I raised my boys. I have had to be on an incredibly tight budget before and have also had the luxury of a very comfortable one. I’ve been at both ends of the scale which I hope gives me a balanced perspective. I am devoted to feeding people well. I want to bring something unique and sincere to the table. I aspire to make people feel good and inspire them to think about what they eat.”

unnamed Please let us know how you get on!

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