Posted: January 28, 2015 11:06am

With a husband obsessed by red, driven by his admiration for Arsenal nothing aesthetic I am afraid , this is a popular colour in our home.

I do find red hard to wear but I can guarantee when I do, people comment, maybe because they are tired of seeing me in white, grey or black.

After seeing that streetstyle picture below, I have developed an obsession with finding the perfect red coat or jacket, I haven’t found it yet but as soon as I do I will share it with you.

Red just makes you feel alive and it suits all hair colours and skin tones so give it  a go.

Celine our girl in Paris put together this selection to inspire us






I love the all red looks above and I will be trying to emulate them, my favourite look is worn with denim and I love that polka dot clutch. I just love the sleeve detail on the coat above and if anyone finds one like this please let know.

So Celines top picks !

The Isa Arfen coat is now sold out but I do like this one by ASOS  but this lk Bennett one is the business and I am going to pop into the boutique tomorrow.

The other contender is from Zara pictured below.



I will fill you in on once I had tried them on.

A fun way to incorporate red is in sunglasses, I tried this pair on last week but I just wasn’t brave enough, they were really flattering and I loved the leopard print inside.





I am obsessed by the bucket bag and Gucci have nailed it with this version pictured above in the collage, another more reasonable option is this one by Sophie Hulme 

Lulu Guinness is the queen of red , I found the clutch below for thirty pounds on the fabulous Gift Library .




One item of clothing that I do wear constantly are my Hey Jo  leggings I have had them over a year now, they are the perfect shade of red, I am wearing them with my Ebay military jacket .











Please share with me any great pieces you find, and wishing you a great  Wednesday, it is one of the hardest days so I hope this smattering of red has helped!



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