Posted: May 7, 2016 6:21am

I am  hands on with my kids but after outbreak two of nits at my daughters school, I was latterly pulling my hair out. I had done everything by the book , hair in plaits, tea tree oil at the base of the scalp but the nits keep coming around.

After the move and Luella been sick , with work backing up and after an afternoon spent over the bath, combing and spending a fortune on nit product, that didn’t work, I gave up.

I love my friends and sobbing to my friend Angela, over lunch she told me about the The Hairforce.

They guarantee to remove 100% of all nits and lice, after wrangling a booking ( not easy as they are booked solid)  I headed to the Primrose Hill office, which is in the reception room of the owners lovely home. You are welcomed in and the treatment begins straight away.

The treatment is done in 3 stages:

They use a suction to remove any lice, they remove everything , working methodically through the hair in tiny sections. They have a way of capturing the lice, so you can see what you are up against.

The HAirforce
They then use a huge hairdryer like contraption to dry out any eggs, which might still be there. I almost fell asleep and found it very relaxing. Luella had a Gameboy and they also have DVD’s for children.
DSC01665They then use a comb to remove any eggs, they do this hair by hair, at some points using a tweezers. They work with magnifying glasses to ensure that nothing escapes!
You then can leave knowing 100 % that you and your offspring are Nit free, you have a follow up appointment the next week to ensure everything is gone .
The treatment is relaxing and no chemicals are used at all. The fact is that the Lice shampoos and lotions, don’t work in 80% of the time. The only way is to remove them manually with a comb.
Having done this a few times, I just could not be sure I hadn’t missed any.
The company was founded by a mum and she runs it out of her own home in Primrose Hill, they do have a home visit service and they also have franchises around the country.
For me the peace of mind was worth every penny.
The treatment took almost 2 hours and cost £100, I know not cheap but I have learned how to comb and deal with the situation myself.
The also provide school visits, which cost as little as  £ 5 a child, you can contact The Hairforce,  for a quote.
Everyone is very kind, well trained and has a sense of humour.
 School Run Mum
The tips I picked up
1) Check your kids hair every couple of weeks, don’t wait for a letter, I have ordered the Comb to Clear System from The Hairforce .  It includes bands, to section the hair and a magnifying glass to help you find the eggs.
2) Section the hair and use a comb and spray on condition, it makes the combing so much easier, wipe the comb on kitchen roll and comb from each side, of the hair shaft. The Hairforce Team use
3) If you do spot any, remove them and ensure you wash all bedlinen and combs as lice can live for 48 hours.
4) So many parents have recommended Nitty Gritty , a spray every morning at the nape of the neck they swear has helped their children avoid nits
5) Lice cannot jump, they can only be transferred when hair touches hair, so keep hair tied back and plaited at all times.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, Luella and I are so excited to by Nit free !
 2015-07-20 13.06.08
Contact the Hairforce Team through their website.

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