Posted: March 27, 2021 4:43pm

Clatuu alpha fat freezing is the premier fat freezing procedure on the market.

It is another Venn Healthcare product and I simply love this company.  They are dedicated to results and reinvesting in their technology and training.  So many brands are all hype but Venn prides itself on RESULTS.  Results drives business and this is the key to their success.

I have wanted to do fat freezing for years.  It doesn’t matter what I do, I never seem to be able to remove my tummy pouch. It ANNOYS me in trousers and jeans and I want it gone!  Now that i am 50 it has focussed my mind; there is no point wasting money on more and more clothes and still hating my silhouette.  Also, after a year of working out and eating healthy home cooked food I know that I have done everything I can…but the pouch is STILL THERE.

This treatment is for contouring and it promises to reduce 25% to 30% of fat in the treated areas.  It is especially for stubborn areas of fat that you just want to banish.

This machine allows two areas to be done at once which is different to other treatments and saves time and money.

It is perfect for double chins, bra strap fat, saddle bags, inside thighs, tummy fat and bingo wings.

How does it work:

A gel is applied to protect your skin and then the machine is attached to the treatment area.  It feels like someone pinching you firmly.  The treatment is cold on your skin, but not uncomfortable, and I chatted on my phone and caught up on my emails during the session.  The treatment on my tummy took an hour.

At the end of the treatment the machine is released and you are left with what looks like a block of butter on your tummy – this is the frozen fat!  The therapist then massages this area firmly and it breaks up.  It’s a bit strange to see the fat frozen but that part isn’t painful.  When the fat is broken up during the massage that was a little uncomfortable.  Your tummy is left red and swollen.  I felt a bit light headed and tired afterwards so not sure you would want to go back to the office after.

The next day the area was sore and felt numb to the touch and swollen.  In one way it made me feel like something dramatic had happened, which given the price tag, is should have!

The body recognises that the fat cells are dead and starts to flush them out of your body. This generally takes a few weeks; some people notice improvements after two weeks, most after a month.  There is a follow up appointment after a couple of months and then you can decide if you need a second round.  Lots of people don’t, but it depends of the results you expect and the amount of fat (and areas) that you have to shift.  If you are left with loose skin then the HIFI machine can be used to tighten the skin.

This is something you do for yourself as the reality is most people won’t notice the difference unless you do it on multiple  areas.  I did it for myself and there is no better reason!

Cost wise the treatment is £700 but I know Dr. Surbhi is offering it at £600 for my readers for the next three weeks.

I will do a follow up post in a month and show you the before and after photos.

Contact Dr. Surbhi on 07841356906 to book in.



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