Posted: June 9, 2014 10:50am

It is the season of Christenings, Communions and other formal occasions. What to wear? You don’t want to get it wrong and be under or overdressed. The other big consideration is the weather, for example, I was in Wicklow this weekend for my lovely nephews baptism. The scenery  was magnificent in Ireland’s garden county Wicklow but the weather was dreadful  and I just couldn’t face wearing a dress.


Joseph silk suit
Joseph silk suit


This outfit from Joseph, has got me through so many formal occasions. It is super comfortable and I can easily achieve a different look by changing the shoes and coat. Rihanna has been my inspiration for this look, the Acne one worn below is beautiful.


Rihanna in Acne silk PJ
Rihanna in Acne silk PJ


For this occasion I am wearing my new  Topshop duster coat and  Jil Sander slides I found on Ebay.


I have my eye on these pieces from Jonathan Saunders at Matches, again, formal enough to wear to a special occasion but super comfortable.


Jonathan Saunders silk PJ from Matches
Jonathan Saunders silk PJ from Matches

Looking around there are some lovely examples, this one is on sale from DVF and stands out as well as the Zara option.



zara silk pygamma
Zara Silk Pygamma
Gorgeous Enniskerry Wicklow
Gorgeous Enniskerry – Wicklow



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