Posted: October 17, 2018 5:01am

I have been looking for a brand that has the same fun and wearable element to it as Ganni…but isn’t Ganni, Not that there is anything wrong with Ganni other than it is just on everyone and is everywhere!

As I seldom on Instagram, other than to check out my friends, Rodebjer was a brand that I hadn’t picked up on.


One of my favourite shops, Sign of the Times, had one of their skirts.  It was was brand new and I just adored the fabric and even though it was not silk, I thought it was as it had the same feel and texture.  The finish is exquisite, very much like Preen mainline.

odila_plant-009 (1)

Looking it up on line, I was so impressed with the entire collection.  I am going to sell a few dresses and sweaters and reinvest in a couple of items from Rodebjer.


Preloved and vintage are fabulous but I am nearing 50 so I have to be careful to pair them with more contemporary pieces.




There is something for everyone.  I am aware that most women don’t want to swan around with oversized knits and hoodies over silk skirts and midi dresses, they want structure.


If in doubt size down the sweater above is a medium needed a small, it is a cotton mix so not itchy at all .

The brand is stocked online now – or  at Liberty at the moment! I missed the 20% there last week but the blue dress is on my Sales Wish List .

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