Posted: December 1, 2014 2:23pm

I have learned my lesson about bad sale purchases!

In the past, the minute the emails came in I got over excited and that is where a Wish  List is a crucial.

Sales shopping is a mind field and I try to avoid the shops at this time of the year, as it can  only lead to me buying items I don’t need.

At the beginning of the season, I go through a mammoth trying on session and select out the pieces I no longer want  and sell them.

Then after checking the magazines and blogs, I make a list of what I need, to update or upgrade my wardrobe .

Sometimes it is adding a trend such as the culotte or ugrading a classic such as a black coat.

Then the search begins in store and online and after that,  I create my Wish List .

Obviously I don’t always adhere to it but in the main, it  really has helped with preventing  random purchases. We all know that these maybe great individually but they don’t go with anything and just lead to more standing in front of the wardobe with nothing to wear.

I usually try and wait until the sales, as they are starting so early now and with the weather being so  mild, there is really no rush to pay full price in some cases.






Coat by ASOS, trousers by Acne, ring by Powderhill, handbag by Bottega, boots by Saint Laurent  and sweater by Bella Freud.

These are all pieces, that I have really thought about and will increase the options within my existing wardrobe.

Please send us in what you have on your Wish List!!











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