Posted: December 28, 2015 8:27am

One of my resolutions for 2016 is to feature more Irish Fashion. I often get to go home to Dublin and I love checking out the new designers. I have featured the super talented Dawn Fitzgerald in older posts and I cannot wait for the Arthur Cox Show Case of Irish Talent, held every year in London, where I discovered Zoe Carol, Elaine Madigan and Helen Steele. I also keep an eye on the Instagram feed of the fabulous Cathy O ‘Connor.

As it is Christmas and I am in Dublin, I wanted to share with you these pieces from the incredibly talented Natalie B  Coleman. These are sequins but not as we know it. This is a piece you can throw on and you are dressed.

2015-12-15 12.04.34

She became a sensation with her Heart and Dagger sequin shirt, which all the celebrities have been wearing. The pieces are works of art and the sequin detail is exquisite.

NAtalie B Coleman

The shirts are to be worn casually over jeans, but they are a statement in themselves. I also love the silver version of the Make Believe shirt


Natalie also makes divine skirts and dress,which are perfect if you are looking for something special for an occasion. Her colour combinations and fabrics are so alluring and her work is crafted so beautifully.

2015-12-15 12.04.46

2015-12-15 12.03.14

At the moment she is offering 50% off and free shipping.







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