Posted: March 13, 2017 6:25am

Thank you Nicole for sharing this truly fabulous shirt with me.  The minute I saw it on you I knew I had to have it and ordered one on route home.

Nothing beats a great shirt and after all the crazy pouf sleeves and frills I wanted something that I could wear under a jacket which is a bit more classic.

Online, the shirt doesn’t look that special but once it is on it is a different story.  You cannot see the little straps, it just falls seductively off the back and gives you the perfect décolletage.

Theory Tamalee Shirt

Not cheap at £230 but this is something you will have for ever and I guarantee you everyone will ask where you got it from.  It is a take you from lunch to dinner kind of shirt.

Theory Tamalee shirt

I was tempted by the white but the stripe is brilliant to break up black and I love it over Khaki or denim.

Theory Tamalee shirt

Get it before it sells out! Seen it online at Selfridges, Farfetch and Flannels.

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