Posted: August 2, 2017 10:24am

I have been trying to articulate where I currently am with my fashion and ASOS Marketplace has helped to crystalize it for me this year.  It has been a bit of a process and I do sometimes lapse but I am now trying to really BUY BETTER.

Not spend more, just try to find better fabrics and cuts.  I still get it wrong, but I think that I am getting there.  It is an age thing; you come to the conclusion that having lots of clothes doesn’t necessarily mean having a wardrobe that works, or having something you enjoy wearing.

I adore clothes, and if I am looking to embrace a trend or just want something new, I look at Etsy (check out the blog post if you haven’t already) and places like ASOS Marketplace.


You get the same buzz as a brilliant H&M or Zara find but the item is unique and you get superior materials and cuts.

ASOS Marketplace brings us designers and retailers who make their own clothes or are vintage sellers and it is full of amazing pieces.

I found all my best vintage denim shirts for £25, and I have worn them all year over my gym wear, or now in the Summer over my bikini.

asos marketplace

Dresses are one of the best items to search for on ASOS Marketplace and I have found the one below a couple of weeks ago.  I was searching for a tie strap dress in cotton with pockets and I found it for just £25!



One of my favourite finds is a brand called Traffic.  Check out the cotton floral dress below, now reduced to £52!  It is new and from an emerging designer and it is bang on trend and will take you into Autumn. Best of all it is 100% cotton.



Peekaboo Vintage have a huge collection of brilliant vintage on line and their shop is worth checking out.

Whether you are heading away to the sun or just want a new fun dress, a statement shirt or beach kaftan you will find them all on ASOS Marketplace.

Check out all the best pieces that I have found for us.  I have covered all sizes and styles so there will be something for everyone! I have added some great jackets and silk separates this week.

From sundresses, shirts and trousers ASOS Marketplace has it all, if you cannot be bothered searching then just check my Favourites, which I update with all the best pieces, below I have added just a few of the pieces I have my eye on, check below for an idea of what you can find, all on my shop Favourites.



The key is to be very specific in your search criteria (for example, midi cotton dress with tie straps, and I also sort high to low on price).

By shopping at places like ASOS Marketplace I am not tempted to hit the highstreet as often and I can save my money for one or two really great pieces.

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Anne Marie



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