Posted: September 13, 2018 5:33pm

Sample sales used to be solely for the in-crowd.

We all heard rumours of these sales but no one I knew was ever invited!  Then, the entire sector went into overdrive and it felt like you were getting an invite almost every day, and frankly, most of them were just tragic.  By that, I mean odd/random stuff that clearly didn’t sell the first time round.

There is an art to shopping sample sales and this applies to Bicester Village and outlet centres too.

CWSG -0037-2

I would never go to a sample sale to shop for basics nor would I take someone who is an infrequent shopper, it’s generally just too chaotic.

Go with a purpose in mind, research the brands and see if they are the ones that will suit you and that you are willing to spend on.

CWSG -0014

Today I wanted a school run jacket with a hood, and I found it as I knew what to look for.  I didn’t get side-tracked by other pieces.

Wear a t-shirt and joggers to avoid the changing room.  I just pull on everything over my t-shirt ( I also always wear a sports bra so I don’t mind stripping off) and roll up my joggers under a dress or skirt.  It’s much quicker and try to get someone to take a photo of you from each side.  Check the fabrics and also buy it in your size!!

CWSG -0072

Don’t get foxed into what others are wearing – think about you and your lifestyle.

I think sample sales are the best place to find WOW pieces that didn’t sell, not because they weren’t fabulous, but because people were too scared to try them on.

Also, I feel that sample sales are great for upgrading what you already have,  for eg. if you normally buy a wool sweater, at a sample sale a cashmere sweater suddenly becomes more affordable.

CWSG -0008

Today I was at The One and Only Designer Sale here in London (it is still on tomorrow, the 14th all day) and they are at Fashion Week on the .. and back in London on the ..

If you don’t like queues then buy one of the £11 early access tickets, it gets you in first and there is no queuing.

Lots of my readers have asked me about Gucci belts.  There were lots on sale at around the £180 mark, and in all sizes as well as Gucci cross bodies at around the £500 price point.

CWSG -0011

CWSG -0022I was also impressed with the shearling coats (they are as light as a feather) and beautiful quality but these were a bit more pricey.

CWSG -0027

CWSG -0041The teddy coats above are a fraction of the price of Max Mara and as beautifully made, and not so oversized.  I am going back for these cashmere trousers, £80 from Madeline .. . There was an interesting collection of Celine bags including all the colours in the cross body above.

CWSG -0021

If you are looking for YSL there were so many to choose from, from cross bodies to the totesCWSG -0003

CWSG -0136

If you cannot be bothered heading to Bicester then The One and Only Designer sale is the best solution to find designer bags for less and they really choose the most sought after pieces.  If you are worried about fakes from places like Ebay but want a designer bag for less, then a Sample sale like this is worth considering.CWSG -0146

There are also lots of pristine Burberry trenches like the one I am wearing above which are selling at £800.

Never forget to check the men’s section I fell in love with this YSL sweatshirt but they had loads of great classic pieces to choose from.

CWSG -0129

Not to mention the other bargains to be had, like many great cashmere sweaters for £60 and scarves too, like the ones below. 

CWSG -0055I am going to be live again on Instagram next week at Fashion Week and if you have any questions please just email me.

CWSG -0005

For all the details on the The One and Only Sample sales check their website  , they are at LFWF next week so look at for them there and back in London in October.


Please note – I bought my own jacket full price but will be given a voucher at the next sale.


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