Posted: November 28, 2016 11:19am

I have looked for other names but nothing describes this style more aptly than the  Simon Cowell cut.

The cut has a trouser feel to it and the fabric of the denim must not fluid, I bought this pair at Urban Outfitters in the vintage section. They are not online and the best selection is on the Regent Street branch, in London.  I had to try on 10 pairs to get the one that fitted properly

The Simon Cowell Denim

The Simon Cowell DenimWe all want to wear dresses but the reality is it is too late for me and I just feel best in my jeans.

The Perfect navy sweater

Heels are a necessity and I love mine paired with a simple sweater,  the one above is from Zara .

If you don’t find a vintage pair then my top tip this pair below from Topshop, which are now in sale. Your best bet is to check out your local vintage shop and see what they have.

Simon Cowell jeans

I love these jeans in the evening instead of trousers, they feel a bit more grown up than cropped denim and a bit more fresh than skinny jeans. The boyfriend/girlfriend /mom  jeans just confuses me, the Simon is about that laid back trouser feel, embrace it.


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