Posted: January 16, 2017 4:19am

I have been at the forefront of all things oversized, from sweatshirts, jumpers and shirts.  I adore them all. I think the key is not to wear that oversized schlocky look all the time but to mix it up with some proper grown up clothes too.

It is important to feel and embrace your body and revel in it,  you cannot do this in a huge tent like jumper. This struck me after I spoke to Hannah last week, she has an eagle eye for fit and when in doubt sizes down. The dress Hannah is wearing is from Whistles, check out Brand Outlet for similar options.

The perfect day dress

One of my wardrobe resolutions in 2017 is to sell all my clothes which are too big.

My youngest is now 7, for ages after I had my kids I think I saw myself much bigger than I was. When in doubt I sized up, and it is also easier when you shop online to go for the bigger size, as you don’t have to bother returning!

I have sold all those jumpsuits that nearly fit and sweaters that I bought a size up.  Now I am buying clothes that are in my size, otherwise they are going back.  I bought this Max Mara dress in the sale at Fenwick (had loads still on the rail) and it is so different to what I would normally invest in (sorry about the Ugg stained blackened feet…again).  Check out Weekend Max Mara for some great alternatives.

Max Mara Fitted Dress

I am not saying bodycon, I am advocating clothes that are fitted and flatter. It is also not a weight issue, it doesn’t matter what size you are, just buy the right size.

Ditching those pieces has been liberating and I have reinvested in a great t-shirt body by Alexander Wang that I am wearing below.  This body is a compromise as it is not as figure hugging as a Wolford but is still nicely fitted.

Alexander Wang Tshirt body

I wore the Hallhuber sweater, featured below, this weekend and  it was a revelation.  I look so much better than in those boxy jumpers and tops that I tended to wear before. The beret is by Anthony Peto.

Bell sleeve top

I have also cleared out all my tent like Breton tops and reinvested in this fitted one from Natasha Zinko still on sale at Browns.

fitted breton top

Wearing that oversized look also felt synonymous with being  younger but in reality I think sometimes it made me look a bit like a deranged bag lady and it can make you look bigger than you are.

I have also sent a lot of items to be altered so that they fit properly.  Yes it takes time and is less fun than buying more stuff but when you get the items back and they fit like a glove, it is so worth it.





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