Posted: September 16, 2016 6:48am

I have held off renouncing my skinny jeans but this season, when I pulled them on, I knew that it was time to move on.

Call it the Boootleg moment, for years we were all wearing bootleg jeans ( I wore Earl)  and suddenly we all moved to skinny jeans.  I hate to say it, as I loved a skinny but they look dated and I hate the feeling on my legs too, especially after you wear a more roomy option.

I am keeping my favourite pairs, as they will come back but for now I need new jeans!

This is new territory, so I want to experiment first before I spend and get it wrong. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into all the fads because they are too much work to dress on a day to day basis.By this I mean flares, culottes etc. I have already shared my love affair with Rachel Comey but they will be a Sales purchase for me, as they are so expensive.

The look I want is the higher waist, slim leg look. Having trawled Pinterest it is by far the most flattering alternative to the skinny.

Levi 501 CT

With no help at the moment , two business and the kids to be ferried around I have to be honest my research has been online. I have ordered and returned piles of jeans.

I am focusing today on the cropped, raw hemmed slim fit jeans.

Levi 501 CT

This is the easiest to wear with flats, a lot of boyfriend and girlfriend cuts look best with heels.

So the winner is the good old fashioned Levi.  I found the perfect pair of 501 CT with a great crop, in the sale for £57 at House of Fraser. House of Fraser was a tip from Hannah Stafford Taylor and I have been checking their jean selection regularly since. Who ever buys their jeans buys well. I took my normal size, which is a 27. They have so many great jeans on sale but be quick as they are selling out.

Streetstyle Levi 501

With Levi’s, I would recommend shopping around, I bought a pair from  Urban Outfitters for £46, which are  my favourites, I love the way they have cropped them and they will get better with age. Also check La Redoute.  I also found a brilliant pair at SK Vintage, Sara promises me she has lots more coming in.

The death of the skinny jean

I will be wearing mine with my ASOS oversized navy sweatshirt or body , adidas gazelleby day and my Robert Clergerie heels, I found on the fabulous Preloved Shop Shonamac.

All I am searching for now is a great oversized tweed coat.

Autumn sorted !



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