Posted: June 4, 2016 8:52am

I seldom write about child related issues as I am not an authority and there are so many much more articulate voices out there, than mine.

From baby to seven, there were changes, no bottles, cots, buggies but there was still that sense that they were all yours to guard and look after. Get to seven and so many amazing things happen, you can start to  reason with them and talk about the world and best of all you can head out as a family at a normal hour for dinner.

I was revelling in the positive and then wham bang, I realised that my kids are out in the big bad world.

A boy by the pool, said that my 7 year old looked pregnant, it was like a bad episode of Jeremy Kyle and there was nothing I could do. He then compounded it by saying she must like McDonalds, as she was just so fat.

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If I had done what I wanted to, confront the parents I  would have mortified my daughter, so I didn’t.

After the red mist subsided, I realised she had mastered the situation perfectly, she didn’t run away or cry, she stood her ground.

She could voice clearly what happened to me , was sad about it but had enough self confidence that she realized he was talking rubbish.  My little girl is growing up.

It was a reminder, that you have to be so careful what you say about weight, as kids are sponges. Obviously the little boy had heard it from someone and was just repeating it.

I realized how important it is to teach our kids how to handle themselves, as from now on will not always be there .

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They are only ours for a few years, my son reminded me that as he is eight we only have ten more summers left! Wow that got me thinking .

The next day at lunch ,my daughter asked Anthony and I what we would have said to the boy, we hadn’t a clue, do we make a joke of it, should she have confronted him, we are still mulling it over and would welcome any insights or tips .

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, still reeling.

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Anne Marie



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