Posted: April 24, 2017 7:11am

I am trying to be sensible and buy less but sometimes we just want something new!  Not going to pretend, I have got better but I still love when a package comes through the post.  When I have that urge I try to go low so that I am not spending money for the sake of it.

This blog post gave me a great excuse to peruse lots of different websites and try and find the most wearable pieces that are worth checking out. I have tried to find cottons and silks so that the pieces are wearable this Summer.

Best on the highstreet Spring 2017

I am not usually a fan of straw baskets as I think they can look a bit twee, but I do like the Zara oversized tote featured above, as I love the contrast of the business like shape with the straw finish.

Everyone is talking about these bracelet bags and if you are looking, the white & Other Stories one is really well priced.

Jumpsuits are here to stay, the khaki one is £25 and is a great shape, fitted and belted.  The white dungarees are so tempting and look a lot more expensive than the price tag.  The black and white patterned jumpsuit is so easy to wear and it looks great on.

Moving onto dresses, I am generally not that keen on gingham but if you are looking for a piece then go low like this £15 dress from Primark.  So, if you do get bored you haven’t wasted too much  money.  The shirt dress on the collage is so easy to wear, it comes in blue too.  The off the shoulder dress is a practical midi length and is for sale for £28.  The blue denim dress has a clever off the shoulder detail and is now on sale.

I have looked for shirts you can wear over a bikini and found a fantastic cotton long length one at H&M – this will sell fast.  Zara have an all linen shirt and I adore the short sleeve frill version from H&M or the cold shoulder option.  I know ruffles are driving me mad but the £12 long sleeve one is worth a gamble.  Asos have a brilliant lilac open back shirt.  Don’t forget to invest in a vintage denim shirt, they are so useful.  I have also ordered the 100% silk camisole as this is so useful to layer under jackets.

I love the military jacket as it is belted and it is from a brilliant site called Modern Citizen.  The grey zipped hoodie featured is from Other Stories and is a really practical cover up.

These Zara trousers are £29 and look so much more expensive and fit so well.

I am doing a swimwear feature next week but I am afraid some of the best bits will sell out quickly so if you get a minute check out the red COS bikini, the yellow shoulder one is from Vero Moda and their swimwear has really impressed me.  I spotted this cropped top at Mango – it would be brilliant over high waist skirts.

My Gucci backless slippers are sold and I wish I had just bought this £27 pair instead from a site called Shein, however, I did buy these criss cross black suede mules from Mango and they are a keeper.

Wishing you all a great week and sorry about the lack of blog posts but trying to finish a project revamping Nw8closet and my Ebay shop which is almost done, then will be back to more regular blog posts.


Anne Marie



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