Posted: September 29, 2018 6:41am

I have had so many requests for a well made affordable investment bag and I found it at Sarah Chan, her pieces are as good as Prada and cost a fraction of the price.  With Chanel now costing £4000, I personally have opted out of the designer bag market ( unless it is Preloved) and would rather look at emerging brands or a vintage piece.

The problem with a lot of new designers is that they are charging almost as much as the designer ones, yet there is no resale market . This has put me off buying a lesser known brand before.  Sarah’s  bags are fairly priced and she has lots in sale at the moment which make them even more attractive.

Lets be honest too, the quality has to be there . I have bought mid level brands before but when I sit there and look at them many are just not beautifully made and the leather can be a bit hit or miss.


It was the leather and finish that made me decide on Stacy Chan London. She is also truly driven and a lovely person too, not always the case in this business.


I also wanted a classic shape too but it has to have a strap as I have so many bags I never use as just impractical when juggling a laptop/ kids and a dog.



My choice is the Amy midi tote in the navy  and it is the perfect shape and size but Sarah sells a wide array of different shapes and styles all online at Stacy Chan. The bag featured above is now on sale! These bags retail for just over £300 .


You can check out the new collection at her POP UP Collective Plus ( worth a visit) as lots a other great brands such as Bozena Jankowska ( great work dresses) and I have my eye on a skirt from Dagny London. 


110 Marylebone High Street

PS This is not a sponsored post or has anything at all been gifted.


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