Posted: November 17, 2014 12:35pm


As I go from one play date to another I often  have house envy at the beautiful interiors that I visit  and continually bemoan the upstairs sitting room we have which still remains the cross between a dumping room, piano room and study. Someone then suggested I went to meet Carly Madhvani from NW3 Interiors Ltd.



Based in a beautiful studio in Hampstead, Carly is passionate about product design and furniture and her vision means that she will only suggest designs that, while innovative, will stand the test of time and are of the highest quality. Having worked for over a decade with Spacecraft she is known as ‘the design classics guru’ by the architects and others that she works with.


Image 5


Now running her own bespoke  service she is happy to work with you either to find you the perfect piece whether it be a dining set, lighting, feature wall  or perfect lounge chair or provide you with a completely new scheme.  Working with the best in modern iconic furniture design she has the knowledge and ability to provide great ideas and source them directly from the supplier. In addition her extensive knowledge means she will  guide you through the myriad of options that every different piece provides and ensure the finish is suitable to your lifestyle. (As a mother of two she is well aware of the tests of modern day living).


Image 3


So now my main challenge is which of these lovely designs should be the focal point for my room and while I spend as long deliberating I am sure yet more new furniture icons will be added to the collection.

For more information or just to feel inspired by something beautiful visit NW3 Interiors Ltd.

If you are free on the 18th of November ,pop into the open house event, we will be there , details below.



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