Posted: January 4, 2017 8:58am

I know, t-shirts in Winter?  I still tend to wear t-shirts all the time under my jackets and coats and then layer with a cardigan or hoodie.

The Gucci t-shirt is everywhere, I bought the men’s version which cost £260,  otherwise it is £320 for the ladies.  I would have rather found a vintage option and when I do I will sell the new one.  As this is a piece that will sell out, I don’t mind wearing it until I stumble across a vintage one as the resale value will be strong.

Gucci Slogan t-shirt

I tend to like a statement t-shirt to break up an all black outfit.  I invested in a great pair of  trousers from Max Mara to go with my Icon coat and I needed something to break up the black and make the look a bit more contemporary.

statement t-shirt


I bought the Troublemaker t-shirt from Zoe Karrsen in the sales last year and it has been so useful, so I didn’t mind forking out for the Gucci version.

I also love this vintage ‘Enjoy Coke’ tshirt on the super stylish Mirolasma Duma, you can the same t-shirt on Ebay.

vintage enjoy coke t-shirt

You can find vintage t-shirts on Ebay  or Etsy but you will have to hunt and be patient.  I bought a great one from ASOS Marketplace. I also love the Alexander McQueen t-shirt on sale at My Theresa.

Irish designer Natalie Coleman also has some gorgeous t-shirts on sale.  I also adore Romwe with prices from £10 for some great slogan t-shirts.

Marks and Spencer do the best cardigans to layer under your coat or jacket, until it heats up.

I know it is following the bandwagon a little bit but from experience, I know this is one of those pieces that will sell out and, once you tire of it, you can sell it and get your money back. Size up and roll the sleeve up too.

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