Posted: August 15, 2021 6:30pm

Deborah is that woman that you see in a shop and end up following around and copying what she has put in her basket.  Her style antenna is honed and she always picks the BEST piece in a shop.

No one I have met has got more post 40’s style better than Deborah.  She mixes high end, preloved, emerging brands and  pieces from the high street and always manages to look the BEST DRESSED person in the room.

Her style is contemporary classic.  I have learned so much from her and she has renewed my love of fashion.  We talk about outfits for hours like when we were teenagers.

The main lessons I have picked up from Deborah and would like to share are the following:

  1. Keep it simple and let your accessories do the talking.  Spend your money on your jewellery, it won’t date and you will have it forever.  There are so many contemporary pieces that can add a youthful touch to any outfit.
  2. Spend your money on the every day pieces, the t-shirts / cashmere / leggings / sunglasses.  As I get older I just want to be comfortable. Her classic look in summer is a great white shirt and knitted shorts, hair tied back and a dash of red lipstick.
  3. Invest in one fabulous pair of heels, that’s enough, and just wear them to death.
  4. Know your own style and stick to it.  Look at others for inspiration but make sure you make it your own. Try stuff on in front of the mirror, it doesn’t lie. If you don’t want to put it on straight away don’t keep it.

Deborah is a hard working lady, a fabulous interior designer and it’s no surprise that she chose this field given her incomparable sense of style.  She has had a very tough year with health but her optimism and love of life shines through.

I convinced Deborah to let me have a proper look round her closet after the summer and I look forward to sharing what I find   with you in September, until then just check out my instagram stories to see the items below in action, under the Marbella highlights. I have seen all the pieces below and they are divine !

Quick video below to give you a flavour of things to come.




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