Posted: May 20, 2021 6:16pm

I have definitely noticed a DRASTIC change in how I shop.

Regardless of everything opening up, I have become so much more picky, and I only want to buy something that is well made and fairly priced.  I have been doing a lot of private shopping for clients and there isn’t a lot of freshness out there.

When Rachel from Stone Waisted waltzed in wearing the most glorious dress and shearling, the room went quiet, and that takes a lot as we are all seasoned shoppers.

In this article I am going to focus on her shearling coats, as we have all been pulling our hair out working out how to have some semblance of glamour whilst dining al-fresco! Not to mention the cold weather which is still persisting.

The word shearling normally fills me with dread; I think of those heavy ones we all had ten years ago that weighed as much as a small child!  They also seemed to add pounds on how we looked and just didn’t really suit anyone.

Rachels brand Stone Waisted is different.  The piece is so light and also foldable so you can carry them in your bag.  The lustre on the fabric is gorgeous and you cannot help stroking the coat!  Once you put one on you will not want to take it off.

These coats are made for preening, galavanting and swooshing around, they scream glamour which after last year is what we all need. Yet they are warm, easy to wear and as I said, ultra lightweight.

There are lots of shapes and sizes to try on and there is a style for everyone.

I bought the one above but you have to be tall to carry this style off as there is a lot of fabric, again no skimping on fabric,  this is what gives the coats that glamour.  I went for a pale green (completely outside my comfort zone) but as my friend Sarah spotted, works similarly to my green cargo jacket as a neutralising colour and goes with everything.  The coats come in a multitude of colours. The sizing is generous, I bought a small/medium

The other two popular shapes were the Audrey and Ripley.


Blessed to have such a great friend Jo Cheeseman who let us use her gorgeous home, look at this kitchen and floor!  I am trying to persuade her to share her tips with us,  as hers house, is one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.


Oriana in Stone Waisted

Deborah in Stone Waisted

All the coats are reversible too!

Jayne in Stone Waisted

This woman has innate style and I love being inspired on how to wear her coats and her Instagram is brilliant at showing the coats in motion.  With a price tag from £600 to £1200 these are well priced as I have seen lesser pieces being sold for over £2k!

The linen dresses are so well made and the best I have seen. I have seen all the similar styles but these are the best on the market.

But what I am excited about are some of the bespoke pieces, check out a sneak peek below, which my friend Deborah and I are supporting Rachel with.

Check out a sneak peek below. . thank you Curated Crowd for letting us share your glorious space . Also to my friends Jo, Jayne, Shanaz and Deborah for modelling .


On my Instagram where you will find lots of videos of the coats on different people, and Rachel too; this will help you to decide.

Check out Stone Waisted here not sponsored or paid just a truly breathtaking brand owned and run by Rachel who is one of the kindest most stylish woman I have met in a long time.



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