Posted: February 7, 2015 11:56am

Now I feel old, I remember the last time when flares were out. It seems like fashion is recycling so much faster now, I remember buying my last pairs when luella was a toddler three years ago or so!

I am not a huge fan of the flare, as I think you have to really be in the mood to style them properly and you have to have  all the elements right, particularly when you are no longer in your twenties or thirties.

Otherwise this look can look plain silly. Take a look at my older post on how not to wear flares!

I also hate wearing heels during the day and it is so hard to pull off flares when  wearing flats.

Anyway I thought I would pull out the old pair by  Hudson, I had and give them a go, I am going to be binning my skinnies but I think for a night out I will give this look a go!


Flares -2015


I decided to keep the look simple with a black polo neck from Joseph and a Balenciaga biker jacket . This balenciaga jacket has got better with wear.

Take a look at Vestaire Collective, that is where I found this one or Luxe Layers have some amazing lighter versions for Spring.







I think it is important that you can see your shoe peeking out  otherwise I think it looks very odd.




I think flares tend to make you look larger and are less forgiving so are not for everyone and to be honest I would feel more comfortable wearing more of a bootcut.

So I think these jeans will be finding their way to my eBAy shop  as this is just too extreme a look for me.

I will be wearing a slightly more flared bootcut or boyfriend as  these suit everyone and you can roll them up, this is a much easier look for daytime.

bootcut jeans

Top Tips

1) I love to wear a simple white t-shirt or shirt with this look or a cashmere , the cleaner the look the better.

2) No fringed bags,tassle jackets,oversized glasses or hats unless you are under forty, however tempting it is.

3) Wearing one colour is also very slimming taking a look back to the past this is how the girls did it in the 70’s and it still looks really cool to me !


the flares for 2015 dance-look-seventies-flare_galerie_principal


This is the pair I have invested in by Derek Lam from Matches  for Spring.

I think white is much easier to pull off and these fit like a glove and somehow you drop a size so super flattering. I will be wearing mine with a denim shirt and APC wedges

Miranda Kerr the Yummy Mummy ICON



So I can hear you all saying, fine for her she is nearly six foot tall..I agree flares can be tricky if you are not tall but I picked up an amazing trick from a fabulous blogger My Small  Wardrobe, she cuts the ends off and gets the wider leg without the trailing ,

I just love this look !



I have gathered you a selection of the best of what is out there

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