Posted: January 8, 2018 4:40am

I was going to peruse all the magazines to bring you what is new for 2018.   However, having had a quick look at the periodicals, there isn’t actually much to write about, and I feel like we all should wear what we already have before launching into new season.

In my quest to find the perfect blonde colour to emulate I landed on Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.  One thing that really rings true is that nearly all the pieces she wore are as current today as when she wore them nearly 20 years ago.  Studying her outfits has re-inspired me to work with my own wardrobe, rather than moving onto the next trend.

Carolyn avoided 90’s Grunge and Girl Power and if she was around today you know she would be wearing a variation of the images shown below.


Shirts are going to my thing for 2018.  The simpler the better from low end, like my top tip from the kids section at John Lewis, to high end like Acne or Vetements or bespoke from the likes of Gormley and Gamble, or this divine one from Irish designer Helen McAlinden. You have to work out what suits you best and once you get it right stick to it. 

Simple White Shirt
Simple White Shirt

Jeans – its weird to think how trends come around again and there is Carolyn, wearing cropped jeans, which are really hot again now.  It is all about getting the style that suits you and sticking to it.  I adore my Paige ones that I have worn supplementing with Levis and a pair from Donna IDA called the Sidney.  There are no short cuts, just put some time aside to try on a load and sell the ones that just don’t make you feel good when you put them on.

As on trend today as it was 20 years ago
As on trend today as it was 20 years ago


Paige Denim
Paige Denim

Knits should always be super soft or you just won’t wear them!  You can find lots of great cashmere on Ebay which is where I have found all my pieces.


Coats and jackets – again they fall into two camps, simple cashmere or a statement to achieve an evening look without having to change!

Though her style was simple she always added interest with her shoes, sunglasses or bags.  Check out the Gucci ones above in python and the green wallet she is holding whilst wearing the leopard coat.

The devil was in the detail and she always used gorgeous jewellery and sunglasses to finish off her look.  She knew what suited her and stuck to it but it does show you how everything comes around again as these glasses beloved by Carolyn are now hot in 2018!

Matrix style
Matrix style
The matix trend comes round again
The matrix trend comes round again

Skirts – I adore how she wore those simple straight midi ones and it is a style that is so classic and easy to carry off.


I also spotted how Carolyn had one investment bag which she wore all the time and then toyed with a couple of vintage bags (check the chain mail one above) and a classic black oversized clutch by Commes Des Garcons, which is so simple yet again it’s timeless and you can find so many on Ebay.

commes des garcons black leather pouch

I struggle with evening wear but the off the shoulder dresses and simple sheath dresses are something I have on my Watch List for 2018!  If you are looking for simple skirts and dresses than Tome NYC is my top tip and they have a great sale on now.




Most of these items we already have in our wardrobes.  I have been trying on all my clothes and really looking at myself in the mirror and deciding ‘do I actually like these clothes on me?’ – if there are any doubts that cannot be satisfied by a good alteration tailor then throw it on the ‘to sell’ pile.


Looking back is important as retailers, and bloggers want us to go from one trend to the next but holding back and really seeing what suits us is more important.  Keeping the basics simple and they playing with accessories is the way I am going in 2018.

Here are the pieces that I am lusting after once my January shopping embargo is over!  I have never done this before but I feel like I have become addicted to ordering and the high we get when the new item arrives.  Fingers crossed that by abstaining for a month I will break the habit. At the moment  I would love a pair or new trainers, you just cannot avoid the dad trainer and as you can see below, even loved by a Kennedy all those years ago (which makes them a classic in my eyes).

cbk17 (2)

I also love a great pair of white sunglasses to freshen up my look and a couple of shirts.

Let’s see how I feel in a month but in the meantime I have got to wear the pieces that I already have.  Why oh why can’t I just be happy with what I already have?!?!

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