Posted: June 7, 2017 6:17am

Dresses are the way to go in the Summer.  They keep you cool and it’s an instant outfit!  In the past I have struggled as the dresses I lust after seem to all cost over £600, which is way off budget!!

The key is to mix it up, buy a couple of vintage pieces, add one or two from the high street and then always invest in two great pieces in the sales.

So where to look?

My top tip is to shop vintage – check out Overdress Vintage, Oxfam or Just Vintage, no one else will have the piece and the prices are the same as the high street.  Etsy UK is another place to track down great dresses.  I always add the best pieces to my Wear What I Wear section of the blog.


Shein is my go to for ultra cheap selections under £20.  The pieces take two weeks to arrive but the quality and price point is excellent.

MangoUterque, La Redoute, The Finery and Topshop  have some great dresses worth checking out, as does Zara.

Pick Silk Mango dress

There are lots of small brands popping up and I adore Olivia Rubin.  Her dresses are well priced, she uses the best fabrics and she makes dresses for real women.  Another great brand to check out is Isabelle Fox I adore her fabrics and simple lines.

Olivia Rubin

Olivia Rubin


I have ordered the yellow linen dress and her collection has pieces to suit all figures and heights.  Her pieces sell out fast so get in quickly.

The brands that are on my sales list are La Double J, Saloni, Rhode Resort, Creatures of Comfort and The Vampires Wife.

The best brands for taking on holiday, as the pieces are super light weight, are Loup Charmant and Mes Demoiselles.  You can throw over a swimsuit and go from the beach to the city and through to dinner in the evening. Also check out Steele as I adore their collection thank you instagrammer Cherrybuttergold for the tip.

Loup Charmant

The key is the fabric and the cut.  Focus on cottons and cuts that you can throw on and not have to worry about.

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