Posted: August 4, 2016 6:31am

On holiday,  my Rose consumption definitely escalates and while I very seldom eat white bread in London, on holiday I seem permanently attached to a baguette. I have worked so hard this year at Heartcore to get fit and traditionally I would slack off in the Summer but I think I am so used to it now, that I want to exercise. Yes I cannot believe those words are coming out of my mouth. This is what happens when you find an exercise you love.

No one likes an exercise bore but I am trying to hold onto my regime of exercising three to four times a week, in Spain it was easy as I know where to go and you can  head out for a jog.

Summer Fitness from Nike
Sweaty Betty Shorts

France is proving trickier, we are up a mountain and it is not safe to run as the roads are too narrow, not to mention the horse flies. I have found a pilates studio in the village and am trying that today as everything especially my arms and tummy are starting to wobble.

Nike Midi Shorts
Nike Shorts

I live in this uniform of shorts and a vest top, most of which I bought last Summer in LA at Lorna Jane, they now have a store in Covent Garden or you can buy from House of Fraser of Active in Style.  I love this brand as it is cut for real women ( not skimpy ) and it washes and washes. It is just too hot for leggings and I am not keen on the knee length versions as they are often so unflattering.

Nike Summer Fitness
Nike oversized Vest


The shorts have to be a tad longer, I call it post bum pre thigh  and black. I love colour but black is more sliming and it means I can get away with wearing the shorts sightseeing. I only wear a white or black top for the same reason. Throw on a bomber jacket,  pair of slides, great sunglasses and an oversized clutch and that is my Summer uniform.

Lorna Jane Active
Lorna Jane ShortsFly


I bought the Nike shorts featured above before I headed out to France , I love the pocket and the side split detail, the top is also online at Nike, I like the oversized fit. The other shorts are from Sweaty Betty  a lovely reader tipped me off . I adore Clare Vivier for the best well priced clutches.

Try Zaquad for bomber jackets and ASOS have some great sides.

I also love these Nike Flyknit Racer trainers as so light weight to travel with and no socks are needed.

This is my nod to the Olympics, Luella and I will be glued to the gymnastics!



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