Posted: May 27, 2016 7:34am

I have worked so hard on my skin this year, I have endured Derma roller and have been stringent in my skincare routine.

The Summer is where it can all go wrong, this September I want to come back not looking like an extra from Benidorm.

I am blessed to have introduced to a fabulous dermatologist Lynette Yong, as well as facialist Olga Brennand and I want to share with you, what I have picked up.

Vitamin C Skin Savoir

It is all about Vitamin C, I will be layering on my face, chest and hands every day and night.

The best one is Auriga Flavo-C Forte, it costs just over £20 and is a Summer Skin Must Have. It is a higher concentrate of Vitamin C, 15% .than the Phloretin CF, which I use the rest of the year.

Skincare in the Sun

Using Vitamin C on your skin, is like using sun protection from the inside and it partners with your sunscreen, which protects your skin from the outside.

I have used the Advance Pigmentation Corrector from Skinceuticals to reduce the pigmentation, I already have. It is expensive but it is the only thing that has worked and I have tried everything including lasers.

The Vitamin C , fights pigmentation and irritation, which I know is my biggest worry in the sun. I love the sun so I need something to help my skin.

Flavo C Forte, How to avoid pigmentation

Vitamin C fights the free radicals which are created by the ultra violet light in sunlight, the free radicals are what attack and damage the skin.

I have just learned that a free radical is a kind of waste produced when the sun hits the skin and it attacks the collagen( the part of your skin responsible for plump skin) . That is why at the end of the summer your face can appear, dry and paper thin.

Vitamin C also helps your skin produce Vitamin D which is essential for our body to absorb minerals such as Calcium.

The best sunscreen is from, Heliocare , I have not missed sunblock once since I started using this product. Don’t be tempted to use a facial scrub when you are in the sun as it can lead to a higher risk of pigmentation .


Wishing you all a fabulous halfterm, Marbella here we come.

I am wearing the Alexa Chung for Marks and Spenser blouse, I found it on Ebay, super small so go up a size .

Get the Auriga Flavo- C  Forte from the site  Effortless Skin, they are usually the cheapest, they have a helpline, if you have questions and you can be guaranteed the products are authentic.

I love that I can just add this step to my normal skincare regime.

I bought and paid for all my own products and treatments, I will only feature what I have used and tested myself and not be chopping from one brand to another.

Next week, I will be featuring the masks that give you that instant improvement, I have wasted so much money over the years on products that just don’t work.


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