Posted: April 16, 2015 8:13am

I used to get it so wrong with sunglasses and when I look around I often see people wearing either too big or small a shape  that is simply not flattering, it can be a costly mistake.

A couple of weeks ago while searching for a new pair at Oliver Goldsmith, I asked the super experienced Georgia, to share with me her top tips on buying sunglasses.

Investing in a new pair of glasses is such a great way to update your look. What I loved about the service I received at Oliver Goldsmith , is that I was given time to try all the glasses on in peace and quiet and the staff are super well trained.

2015-03-23 10.28.44

2015-03-23 10.29.00
Buying glasses is so hard , I always take a selfie, it is the only way to check how they look on your face.

Cat Eye glasses just dont suit me at all as they are best for a round face, I love this shape but I will be avoiding it in the future as I could see in the photos, how despite the beauty of the frames, called the Lancelot  they just did not suit me.

2015-03-23 10.28.56

If you have an angular face, Audrey Hepburn did,then the Manhattan is a great shape for you .


2015-03-23 10.28.54

2015-03-23 10.29.06

If you are in doubt the aviator suits everyone, Oliver Goldsmith had the best ones and I will be back for these. They were light weight, not over the top and felt secure, I often feel that with other aviators they just don’t feel robust enough.


2015-03-23 10.29.12


2015-03-23 10.29.56


I couldn’t get the Blue Rainbow Norum out of my head,  this oversized shape suits me best and I loved the distinctive colour .

2015-03-23 10.29.24


2015-03-23 10.29.22


2015-03-23 10.30.10

2015-03-23 10.30.12

I just could not decide between the Aviator or the Norum, so a I am trying to be sensible, I decided to wait.

Now two weeks later I think the aviator is the one to go for as it is a classic, I can wear year after year.

2015-03-23 10.29.10

The tracksuit is by Topshop and the jacket is by Lolabelle .

Click here for a list of stockists or pop into the Notting Hill Store.

Let me know which one you prefer?



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