Posted: August 19, 2019 11:45am

Nothing beats a great pair of sunglasses.

As they are so expensive you really want to ensure you get the right shape for your face., however, there is no other way but to try them on, take photo’s and compare the ones you feel most comfortable in.

Avoid anything too ‘of the moment’ as they will either date very quickly (those Dior sunglasses) or are copied (the YSL heart glasses, annoying if you have paid £250!).  Look for classic shapes that work with your face shape and are comfortable.

Here are my favourites:

I used to avoid aviators as I felt that they made me look like an extra from an old Wham video, that is until I discovered the Chanel, the model is called the Pilot, these really are the best sunglasses as they are ultra light and comfortable to wear.  These also work well for sunbathing as they just float on your face and I love them with shorts or jeans in London.

After years of wearing Celine, I now find Gucci more wearable.  I spotted these on the following sites called Visual Click, Net a Porter and also check out Edel Optics.  There are very few on the preloved market, if any, which is a good sign.

Next up is the fabulous Thierry Lasry.  I am still bemoaning the loss of my last pair as they are horrendously expensive but so glorious and worth every penny.  My favourites are the ones with the hint of colour and the gold side arms.  Check out Yoox for a few still on sale.  Your best bet is The Real Real as you can often find the brand for £70, a fraction of the new price. Adam Simmonds stocks a great edit on line and in store.

I thought I had lost the glasses below; they are from Face a Face and are a statement without wandering into the novelty territory.  I also rate Prism and they have a wonderful sale on at the moment.  The pair below is old, called the Brasilia, and you can find them on Ebay.


Gentle Monster has been the brand to usurp Celine for me as they have that same simple shape but are lighter to wear. I spotted my favourite pair on Ebay.

HEWI is a fantastic place to look for designer sunglasses and the prices are fair.  I found my pair featured below on the site for £50 and I also spotted a few similar pairs.

These are all glasses I have bought myself and worn day in day out for a few years!






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