Posted: August 8, 2016 6:05am

I own up at the airport, I cannot help heading the Sunglasses Hut, I just love sunglasses and I would rather invest in new glasses than anything else. I seldom indulge now, as I have at last found the best sunglasses, the Celine caty cannot be beaten!

They suit everyone, they are comfortable to wear and they just make you feel like an extra from a cool french film.

Celine Caty Sunglasses

Leopard Print Coat



I guarantee you that you will never want to wear another pair of glasses, if you buy these. They have a touch of retro but are so clean and simple that they lift any outfit.

Celine Caty sunglasses

These glasses are hard to find, when they come in they sell out almost immediately. Yes they are not cheap but you will wear them day in day out. Buy the slightly less oversized model as it is easier to wear ( the oversized model are the ones in the middle) .


Celine Caty sunglasses

Celine Caty sunglasses


I love the simplicity, they just finish off an outfit, I have been tempted by Linda Farrow but at prices over £400, I will have to try and find them second hand. The Celine glasses cost just over £175 ( found them on the Sunglasses Shop)  or at Matches.

Terrible internet here in the country in France so sorry about the sporadic posting!


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