Posted: September 19, 2019 11:44am

I am not a huge sweater/jumper fan.

Other than the odd boyfriend cashmere I find that I’m always too hot and end up peeling them off half way through the day.

Sweatshirts on the other hand are lighter and there is no danger of the knitwear itch!

I think the shape is key and I have two styles that I alternate between:

  1. A boyfriend fit is great to cover the camel toe
  2. A shorter version, cut to waist level, which I can wear over a skirt

Avoid anything too rigid as they can be too boxy and tricky to wear.  The same with slogans, I end up getting bored very quickly.

My favourite one is the Kinouba from American Vintage, it is expensive but washes brilliantly and the shape can be worn over anything from leggings to jeans and skirts.

The neckline is so flattering as it’s not too high and it falls beautifully, slightly off the shoulder.  It comes in so many colours from pink to camel and I also spotted the red and yellow ones on sale.

I have a couple from H&M like the cream one below and I spotted a lovely grey one.  I would also take a look at Weekday as they have a wonderful range at £20.


The Outnet is also full of beautiful pieces.  I often find polo necks very scratchy but I love the idea of this sweatshirt one and there is a lovely version on ASOS in grey, also Agolde have introduced a turtleneck sweatshirt.

Ganni have brought out a longer length balloon sleeve sweatshirt to pair with their skirts and dresses.

My favourite designer brand is RAEY and their sweatshirts come in loads of colours, (size down), these are my favourites and the one that I have on my WISHLIST.  I spotted a fabulous one from The Upside on sale at Matches as well as a divine one from Audrey Louise Reynolds.

Another brand to check out is The Great, I adore the fabric and it’s less oversized. The Alexander Wang version is in the most divine teal.

Another expensive but beautifully cut piece is from We11 Done and I also have it on my WISHLIST.

Slogans and rainbows are at last being replaced by something new and that is neon and tie dye.


I count a great sweatshirt on par with a cashmere sweater and it’s definitely worth finding one great piece that works for you.  Either go low or go high, don’t bother with anything in between!

A sweatshirt that has just gone on line is from So Sue the entire new collection is spot on!

In terms of preloved, The Real Real has loads of top designer pieces for a lot less.


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