Posted: July 25, 2020 10:35pm

I feel strange writing about swimwear after what has gone on.

However, I know that some of you have or are managing to get away, we are not sure what we will end up doing.

It definitely won’t feel the same, but I need to get the children off their devices, out of their rooms and into a pool!  I could also do with some fresh sea air (even if breathed through a mask!) having been inside for months.

Regarding swimwear, I am of the school of thought that it should be practical and comfortable.

All those cut outs, ruffles etc look great in photos but you cannot get your tan on, chase the kids or relax comfortably on your sun lounger.

Sticking to a theme makes packing easier.  I just buy white and navy, then I work around these colours.  I have taken a risk on one orange piece but this should look great with white.  I have bought a lot of high street pieces in the past but they just don’t last or hold you in the same way.  Buy the best you can afford and 100% try on!

Sarongs are currently a trend; PDN london have some exquisite ones which are now on sale.  Their shirts are also beautifully made and are perfect over a swimsuit.

A simple cotton shirt works best as a cover up. Check ASOS

I love a short sleeve shirt check this one!

You will see loads of dangling earrings and exaggerated jewellery on Instagram, great for posing, but a simple piece just looks fresher and less ageing.  Less is more, holidays are a time to relax and not to overthink about outfits and all that caboodle.

Below are the links for the items above, starting from the bottom and going clockwise:

  1. I love these £50 nude leather sandals from TKEES
  2. Lululemon have really revamped their swimwear and I have bought their bikini in white, which is now on sale
  3. Curated Crowd is my go to for the best beach baskets and jewellery and their prices are so fair
  4. Bikind have a great range of simple tie dye sarongs; worth checking out
  5. I love all of German blogger, So Sue’s, collaborations and her latest is a swimwear one with Mymarini 
  6. I love Seafolly swimwear and I buy mine from Cocobay. They have practical swimwear that I just enjoy wearing, this year I have bought the Capri to add to my collection
  7. Saaj is a wonderful French brand that features the best cotton dresses which will take you from the beach to lunch and dinner
  8. Born in the Sun have championed the headband, I have their linen one
  9. Toteme have a great sale on on their swimwear and if you like simple well made swimwear check them out – the swimsuit is down to £78
  10. I have also ordered a couple of pieces from Kouka, the dresses start from £30 and you can find so many easy dresses to throw over a bikini.
  11. Pendleton wraps are perfect cover up material, all are wool and cotton and they are on sale at the moment

Also J. Crew is worth a tip, thank you Jo for the tip.

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