Posted: May 3, 2017 9:01am

Taking time to build outfits is the key to dressing well, not having lots of clothes and nothing to wear.

Why can’t we do it?  I have half done it but it is too easy just to go online and shop rather than head upstairs and face my own burgeoning wardrobe.

However, this interview with stylist Stacy Troke is like therapy and has got me back on the straight and narrow. ( most of the time)

What I have learned is to ‘stay true to your own style‘ – this is a really important lesson.  If you develop your own uniform then you won’t randomly buy whatever you see on Instagram and end up with loads of ‘almost there’ pieces that don’t actually suit your lifestyle.

Embrace ‘classic non-obvious luxury dressing’ – by this I mean, don’t follow the slavish trends like the Gucci t-shirts (I bought one and have since sold it).  Look at investing in less obvious pieces with more longevity.  I don’t have a big budget so I buy these investment pieces in the sales or preloved.

Sometimes it pays to get an expert or a friend to look at your wardrobe as’ a fresh pair of eyes’, you can see what you are tired of and put things together differently.

Do you have something in your wardrobe that you don’t know how to wear?  Email us and we will deal with the first 10 in a blog post later next week.

In the words of Stacy…

Do You“.  Social media has made us follow others too slavishly, trust in yourself and take the best of Instagram but always bring it back to you and your own life.

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