Posted: July 23, 2018 6:27am

Over the years, on the blog, I have written about countless fake tan products.

The older I get the less I like to go in the sun and yet I realize more and more how much better I look when I have a bit of colour.

TAN-LUXE has been my saviour this season.  It isn’t cheap but it doesn’t come off on your bed linen (I hate that so much) and it provides the most natural tan I have ever used (and I have used them all!).

As with all my beauty posts, I have purchased all the products myself (at full price).


I also use the Wonder Oil once a week.  It has an easy to use roller ball (I have so many problems with the nozzles on sprays, clogging up and spraying all over my bathroom!) and it is the only oil based self tan.  Self tans can be really drying, particularly in the Summer, and the Wonder Oil is super moisturising.

The TAN-LUXE Water is transparent and is also infused with vitamins.  It is easy to apply and I have never had any streaks.  It is in a spray format and is so easy for topping up.  You do have to use a mitt to rub it in evenly and I use the medium to dark.

The main reason that I pay that bit more for TAN-LUXE is that the colour is a gorgeous natural shade and it fades so naturally. There is no hint of orange and it truly gives you a lovely bronzed colour.

I also have the Sleep Oil, which is the only facial self tanning product that I’ve found that doesn’t make my pigmentation worse.  It is great on holiday as I hardly allow any sun on my face.  It adds a glow and it moisturises at the same time.

A great mitten is crucial and I always use this one from Amazon.


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